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Milling is a particle size reduction process.Particle size reduction is used to increase surface area, product uniformity and improve formulation dissolution properties. It is also used to maintain a consistent average particle size distribution (PSD) for the formulation, thus allowing for a better quality mixtures. Impact milling can be used to generate particle sizes ranging from 850 microns to 90 microns.


The main objective of the extrusion spheronization is to produce pellets/spheroids of uniform size with high drug loading capacity. Extrusion spheronization is a multiple process of wet mass extrusion followed by spheronization to produce uniform size spherical particles, called as spheroids, pellets, beads or matrix pellets.


Granulation is an agglomeration process or a particle size enlargement process. Granulation of powders is widely used to improve physical properties like: wettability, flowability, bulk density and product appearance. Granules typically have a size range between 200 microns to 4.0 mm depending on their subsequent use.


Sifting is mainly used in two areas, Check screening of raw material to remove extraneous material and Sizing to sort, segregate or control the particle size distribution of powders and granules. Sifting is mainly achieved by used of vibratory , rotary & centrifugal screeners.


Drying is a process of removal of water or another solvent by evaporation from a solid, semi-solid mixture. A fluidized bed is a bed of solid particles with a stream of air or gas passing upward through the particles at a rate great enough to set them in motion.


Filtration is used to separate particles and fluid in a suspension, where the fluid can be a liquid or a gas. Depending on the application, either one or both of the components may be isolated.

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Pharma Spares is one of the finest ,Innovative and pioneer of sieve manufacturer in India.We appreciate your efforts and look forward to continuing our business relationship.
-Pankaj Deshpande
AGM Engineering Services.
Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
We are overall very satisfied with PharmaSpares product quality and service. We had very good interaction with their team on and off field. I would definitely recommend their Products and Services to others. It is a value for money product.
-Sandeep Agarwal
Production Manager.
Lupin Ltd Sikkim.
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-Rakesh Kumar
Sr. Executive - Production Unit-II.
PharmaSpares Product quality is excellent and service is very good.The service person reponse is prompt and very good.I would highly recommend your product and services to others.
-Abhishek Mene
Sr. Executive.
Lupin Ltd.
We are using sieve and screen of pharamaspares form last 10 years.Quality of sieve and screen are very good.ASDS molded sieves are good in quality for protection from static charge ..
-Raghuvendra Singh
Cipla Ltd ,Baddi.
Thanks a lot for customized fabrication of perforated container as per our specification.Design and finishing of perforated container is very elegant and worthful.
- Bharat Bhushan Vasdev
our experience with the Pharma spares is very good.The sieve and screen quality is a also good..
-Vikas Kumar
Sr. Executive Production
Pharma Spears Product quality, service is very good, etc is very good. I can contact and discuss any time with Pharma Spares employees on any query or suggestion. Very good in quality, fitting on machine and new invention. The products are value for money with good quality.
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Asst. Manager
MSN Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
I would rate my overall experience with PharmaSpares very satisfactory. Their customer support and interaction with customers on and off field is excellent. I would highly recommend their products and services to others. Their products are value for money.
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Production Manager
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We are satisfied with PharmaSpares Pvt. Ltd. Good and cooperative interaction at on field and off field with their staff. Product with good Quality and deliver as per commitment. Value for money of the product looks fine but can be reduce further.
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Our overall experience with PharmaSpares is very good.The staff on and off field are good.We will recommend your products.
-Mr.L.Ravi Kumar
Natco Pharma Limited.
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