Sieve for Conical Mills
Conical Mills are used for de-agglomeration, sizing, milling & sometimes also for granulation. During sizing, the particle size distribution depends on many factors like physical & chemical characteristics of the product, design of machine, design of impeller, environmental conditions & most importantly, the type of sieves used. Sieve parameters like the size & shape of the aperture, pitch & thickness play a very important role in material processing.
  • Material Of Construction: Stainless Steel-316 and 316-L Quality
  • Aperture Sizes: 200 microns to 20mm.
  • Aperture Shape: Round, Square, Grater, Oblong Slotted, Herring Bone, Hexagonal.
  • Standards: ASTM E-674, ASTM E-454.
  • Design: c.GMP Quality.
  • Special Designs: For processes like de-lumping, wet milling, dry milling, sizing of granules.
  • Special Sieves: For handling very hard material, fine milling and fibrous material.
  • Sieves suitable for various International machine manufacturers like: Quadro, Glatt, GEA, Cronimo, Kemutec, Frewitt (Coniwitt).
Sieves suitable for all Indian manufacturers.
Sieves can be tailor made to your specifications.

*Quadro, Glatt, GEA, Cronimo, Kemutec, Frewitt (Coniwitt) are not in any way affiliated with Pharma Spares.
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