Sieve For Fluid Bed Processor
A FBP/FBE uses the principle of fluidized bed to perform various processes like Granulation, Coating etc. Sieve parameters like wire thickness, mesh counts & absolute aperture size are important in maintaining the proper pressure drop which is essential for efficient fluidization.
  • Material Of Construction: Stainless Steel-316 and 316-L Quality
  • Aperture Sizes: 30 microns to 250micons.
  • Aperture Shape: Dutch woven, Zero Hole sieves having a tortuous path for the air flow. Plain woven sieves for high throughput.
  • Design: c.GMP Quality.
  • Special Sieves: For handling very hard material, sticky material & high loads.
Sieves suitable for various all International & Indian machine manufacturers. Sieves can be tailor made to your specifications.
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